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Legal Requirements for Bali
For the most part any couple who are of one of the five (5) religions recognized by Government of Indonesia: Christian (2) (Protestant and Catholic), Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist may be legally married in Indonesia. The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar and the ceremony must be performed under religious rites.
Indonesian authorities require that all foreigners planning to marry in Indonesia obtain a "CNI" (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) before the wedding. This is simply a letter from your Consulate or Embassy representative in Indonesia stating that there is no objection for you to get married in Indonesia.
For the Consulate to issue this letter, each couple must personally visit their country's respective Consulate to swear an oath that they are free to marry. You must have with you the documents listed below. Once the oath has been taken, the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage will be produced and handed over. This is usually done on the spot.

The following information will be required in order to process your marriage certificate in Indonesia. Be advised that all documents must be original - no photocopies.

Birth certificates for both parties
Details of religious faith (i.e. baptism certificates)
Occupations and domiciles for both parties
Written parental consent for any person under the age of 21
Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant)
Decree absolute divorce certificate (when relevant)
Details of names, addresses, professions of witnesses. Two (2) witnesses are required.
Eight (8) photographs (6 x 4 cm) of the couple in same photo. Photo must be of the head and shoulders only, side by side, looking straight ahead. Be advised that these photos will be attached to your wedding certificate
Catholic Couples must also present:
Baptism Certificates - Mandatory. These should be issued not more than 6 months (and preferably not more than 3 months) prior to your wedding date.
"Letter of Freedom" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry.
"Letter of Delegation" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Bali.
Pre Nuptial Course
Written parental consent for any person under the age of 21
Pre Marriage Inquiry

Legal requirements for India
Please contact us for more information

Legal Requirements for Kenya
Check list of all relevant documents required:
Passport, minimum 6 months validity
Birth Certificates. (both short and long certificates are acceptable)
Full Address of residence of both you and your partner
Details of Occupation of both you and your partner
Fathers names (Full names, address and occupation)
If either you or your partner is divorced: Proof of the Decree Absolute is required. This document must show the Court stamp clearly.
If either you or your partner is widowed: The former marriage certificate and death certificate of the spouse is required
If either you or your partner has changed your name by deed poll: Proof is required that the procedure was followed and completed.
If either you or your partner are under 21 years of age on the date of your marriage, and will not be accompanied by a parent or guardian: An affidavit, granting permission for the wedding to be prepared and sworn in your country of residence, prior to your date of travel.
If either you or your partner have been adopted: Adoption papers need to be produced.
An affidavit must be provided stating that neither you or your partner has been married previously, or you have been married and divorced (see above if divorced or widowed). This must be prepared in your country of residence prior to travel.
Any relevant documentation you hold which is in any language other than English must be officially translated and be accompanied by the original.
Dutch Couples must first apply to the Dutch Council for clearance to wed and pay an extra $90 for processing of their documentation
ORIGINAL COPIES of all the relevant documents above must be taken with you to Kenya.
RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: You must be resident in Kenya for two working days before you can apply for a license. We would recommend that you spend a 3-4 days before the ceremony so that arrangements can be made comfortably.

Legal Requirements for Malaysia
Both Muslim and civil marriages are legal in Malaysia, but you need to sign a declaration stating that there are no legal obstacles to your marriage. You need to be in the country at least 7 days prior to the 21 day notice of your intention to marry. Documents required include:
Original birth certificate
Certified certificate of single status
Original Passport
3 colour passport photos
All the documents must be originals and certified by the Malaysian embassy or High commission in your home country.

Legal requirements for your wedding in Mauritius
What paperwork we need from you
Your wedding ceremony can be held practically anywhere you wish. Before you leave your home country please send the following papers and information by fax or scanned by email to us in the UK. We need them a minimum of 8 weeks before your wedding date.
3 copies of the first 3 pages of your passports
3 copies of your birth certificates. International birth certificates are accepted.
The dates when you will arrive on the island and the date you desire to get married.
3 copies of your divorce papers in English or French if one or both of you have been divorced.
  (It should be noted that divorced women intending to marry in Mauritius within 10 months of the divorce pronouncement, will need a local doctor’s certificate of non-pregnancy.)

The Procedure

Soon after your arrival in Mauritius, we will take you to visit the main civil status office in Port Louis. After this we will go to the court where you will swear an affidavit that you are single. We will then visit the local civil status office and the wedding official who will marry you. On your wedding day, the officer will come to you and conduct the ceremony.

After the wedding, we will take the marriage certificate to the Prime Minister's office to have it validated. It will then be immediately valid when you return home.

Legal Requirements for Sri Lanka
The couple should hold a minimum period of residency at the hotel of 4 nights prior to the date of the ceremony.
The wedding will take place in the hotel premises and will be conducted by a Master of Ceremonies at any day between 8am - 6pm (with the exception of Sundays and Public Holidays)
No one under 21 years of age is permitted to marry in Sri Lanka according to Government Regulations.
Documents requested (30 days prior to Arrival)
Photocopies of Birth Certificates of the couple
If divorced or widowed - certificates of the Divorce or Death certificate
Photocopies of Passports
If unmarried an affidavit certificate should be forwarded
In addition to the above documentation all originals of the above documents have to be produced to the respective hotel at least 4 days prior to the ceremony.

The marriage certificate and Ministry's approval with English translation will be delivered to the client within 14 days of the ceremony.

Legal Requirements for Thailand
To be legally married in Thailand, both partners need to visit their embassies at least a week before the wedding to sign declarations that both are free to marry. A marriage in Thailand cannot be registered without these forms and overseas documents will not be accepted:
Copy of passport
Original birth certificate
Proof of divorce if required
Once signed and witnessed the forms must be translated into Thai and taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to be certified. However we can assist you with this process.

Legal Requirements for Italy
It would be advisable to be in Italy at least 3 days before your wedding day in order to complete all the necessary paperwork. The documentation required to get married in Italy for Non-Italian residents is as follows:-
Valid passports
Birth Certificates
Certificate of non impediment
Divorce Papers if applicable
Nulla Osta

Legal Requirements for Cuba
You need to apply for a marriage licence to get married in Cuba, however we can do this for you as it takes 4 weeks to process. Documentation required to get married in Cuba:-
Official authorisation for staying in Cuba (Tourist Card)
Birth Certificates
Certificate of non impediment
Divorce Papers if applicable

Legal Requirements for Oman
Please contact us for more information

Legal Requirements for Mexico
Checklist of all relevant documents required:
Marriage Application
Birth certificate (certified translation to Spanish)
Passport or Driver's License
Proof of legal stay in México (Original & Copy)
Blood test (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
Health certificate (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
Divorce certificate if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
Death certificate of previous spouse if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
Four (4) Witnesses, can be relatives except parents (must present proof of legal stay in México and photo ID. If the witnesses are Mexican citizens, an official photo ID is required)
If neither person to be married is not a Mexican citizen it is necessary to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration Office, at an extra charge.

Legal Requirements for Greece/Greek Islands
Valid passports of the bride and groom. A simple photocopy of each passport is required.
Birth Certificates of the bride and groom. Documents should be authenticated and validated with an Apostille* seal and translated into the Greek language.
Certificates of the bride and groom from their consulate or other qualified authority, stating that there is no impediment to performing the wedding. Please note these documents may have a limited period of validity, depending on the country. Translation into Greek language.
"Divorce Certificate" or "Absolute Decree", if applicable. A simple photocopy of the "Divorce Certificate" and its translation** is required. By Greek Law, you need to be divorced at least 6 months prior to remarrying.
"Deed Poll" Certificate - If any of the parties has changed his/her name by Deed Poll, written proof must be obtained. A Greek translation** of the document must also be submitted.
"Death" Certificate - If any of the parties is a widower/widow, the death certificate of the previous spouse must be obtained. A Greek translation** of the document must also be submitted.
"Adoption" Certificate If any of the parties are adopted, this document is required. A Greek translation** of the document must also be submitted.
Copies of Passports of the 2 Witnesses (if needed)
* Apostille: must be issued by the state/country where the document was issued, regardless of your current place of residence. ALL documents must be authenticated with an Apostille Seal.
**Greek Translation: must be obtained at your local Greek Embassy or Consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens Greece. Translation by any other authority or independent translator with a notary stamp will NOT be accepted.
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